Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Target Mobile Coupons, Free Stuff, and more...

Yesterday, while a load of laundry was getting wahed I decided to run over to Target and see what I could get.

Here is what I walked away with:
2- Earth's Best Organic Crunchin' Grahams $3.84 each
1- Green Works Toilet Bowl Cleaner (I was almost out)  $2.39
1- Colgate Total Toothpaste  $2.49

Coupons Used:
$1/1 Green Works Cleaning Product Target Mobile Coupon  (pretty cool using my iPhone to save money)
$1.50/1 Colgate Manu coupon
$1/1 Colgate Target coupon
$1.50/2 Earth's Best Snacks

$0.05 Off for using reusable bag

OOP Spent: $3.95

Saved: $5.05   not too bad for a quick trip!

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