Tuesday, April 12, 2011

$100 for DIRECTV!

Are you thinking about getting DIRECTV? If so then make sure you look for as many discounts as possible! So far my husband and I have been satistfied with this provider, but honestly couldn't justify paying full price for TV so we did a little research and got a AAA discount as well as a 12 month Rebate & Online Redemption Credit. 

Right now they are doing a referral program where if you call 1-800-496-5121 and use my account number, I can send you if you e-mail me at naomi . renbarger @ gmail . com (remove spaces), when signing up. Pretty cool because you will be saving yourself $10/month for 10 months as well as getting me the same deal. 

For more information go to directv.com/refer.  

Every penny counts right?!?! So, why not help me and help yourself at the same time? 

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