Entertainment Book... A Deal?

I purchased the 2011 Entertainment Book for $15. I would like to keep track of what coupons I use from this book to see if buying this book was really worth it.  I have a hunch I will save more than $15, but I think it will be nice to have evidence of it!

I used Ebates.com to purchase my book and so right from the start I saved $2.63, because I am getting that cash back. Do you use Ebates? If not it is really easy and if you are thinking of purchasing an Entertainment Book than you should purchase it through Ebates.com because you will get 17.5% cash back!

2011 Entertainment Book:
Paid- $15
Cash Back- $2.63
Like I paid- $12.37

Used $5 off purchase at HOTCAKES
B1G1 Yankee Doodles Dinner Saved $11

Already made the book worth it!