Saturday, April 9, 2011

Attend FREE events!

Living in Los Angeles has a lot of perks! One perk is that there are so many events happening all the time that you are almost always going to find a free event that you can attend. 

Today, our family attended the GOOD LA Launch located at the Atwater Crossing. We were able to sample a ton of awesome food, pick up a cool screen printed poster and even walk away with some free T-Shirts with a screenprint of our choice just by checking in on YELP. (The shirts are pretty cool!) We did end up spending about $12 at the event because my husband found this cool shirt for only $10, normally sells for $26, and we bought some great cookies made by a local company (the owner ended up giving us a free cookie because we talked to her for  a while).  The event had some awesome oppurtunities to "do good" including making oragami cranes to send to Japan, making a mini herb garden, supporting local artists, etc.

In the past I have attended a free Stroller Stride event where they had free breakfast and even a goodie bag! Single classes run $22... I like free better :)

We also went to the 50th Birthday Celebration of Hello Kitty in Santa Monica a few months ago. It was a long line to get in and once you entered there was plenty of oppurtunity to spend LOTS of money, but we were good and chose to do some photos and just hang out. (Plus we saved the $10 for parking by parking a block away on the street).

A lot of museums have certain days or times of the year that you can attend for free. For example, here in Los Angeles Skirball Cultural Center says on their website "All exhibitions are FREE to the public Thursdays." I will be going soon (little girl is 9 months now and would enjoy it).

What have you attended for free?

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