Friday, April 29, 2011

Ideas on Saving Money...

Last Saturday, I got a mani/pedi for only $20+tip (used a groupon), but am always irritated that manicures don't last long. To help lengthen the time of this manicure I brought a nail polish I already had to the salon and picked a matching color. 

Yesterday, I did a quick touch up of my nail color and have to say it looks ALMOST like new :) If you look closely you can tell it's not "professional" anymore, but who looks at my nails that closely? 

The next thing I did was call the manager of my apartment building. I don't call often, but this call I felt was an important one! Our apartment gets really really HOT in the summer due to our huge old badly insulated windows. One solution to this problem was to get a portable air conditioner, which helped but we needed something more. 

My husband decided that this weekend he was going to purchase some Titanium Heat Control Window Film in hopes of alleviating our problem. Sounds like a decent plan right? The only problem I had with this plan is that I don't want to live in this apartment forever so why keep putting money into it? 

I caught you up to tell you why I called the manager of the apartment building... I called and asked if we bought the window film would the management company reimburse us? I am SOOO glad I asked because he said, "Of course, how much?" I told him the estimate and he said, "Just take the total off your next rent check and include a copy of the receipt." 

Woohoo! Now we just have to do the work and hopefully feel some results.


(Picture from the website of what the windows will look like. If only I had that view and pretty window! Thank you Lord I have windows at all.)

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