Sunday, March 27, 2011

FREE Gum at Rite Aid!

Once again I managed to walk into a store and not pull out my wallet! (This time my husband was around to witness it and he said it felt wrong! haha)

This week Rite Aid has Trident Vitality Gum on sale for BOGO free and I was able to us my BOGO coupon from 3/3 insert. 

I haven't tried it yet, but my husband is currently chewing "Awaken" and he said it's pretty good.

~Funny story about this purchase is when I pulled out my coupon the cashier said not to "waste" it as it is already on sale for BOGO... I laughed and told her I want to use it because I want 2 for free! She was skeptical, but I made her into a believer after the manager had to be called up to approve the sale.

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  1. you wouldn't believe the free stuff you can get from Rite Aid and check out their rebates...