Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sometimes I LOVE Opening My Mail...

I opened:
$1/1 Honest Tea Coupon - did you know you can print amazing coupons from sites like Well, if you don't have a printer or you ran out of ink or paper don't worry :) When you go to print the coupon just print the "help" button towards the bottom of the page and a screen should pop up asking for your address so you can get the coupon mailed to you.

UP2U Gum- from UP2U facebook site giveaway

Meyenberg Goat Milk info and coupons- I simply e-mailed them through the link on their site thanking them for giving me an option to cows milk for my daughter and they sent me a nice little packet full of information and (2) FREE Instant powdered goat milk coupons as well as (2) $1 OFF any Meyenberg goat milk product. 

$10 Papa John's Gift Card- from ... they have awesome deals exclusive for first time buyers and I was able to snag this $10 card for only $5! (I think they have a Subway deal going on now)

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