Saturday, May 7, 2011

Saving Money by Eating Leftovers!

"Eww leftovers!"

You will not hear my husband speak those words, because the food I make reheats well and tastes really great the next night! 
Making enough food for two nights is awesome because it gives me a night off of cooking and saves us money, because instead of running out to grab something to eat we have food right in our fridge.

Last week I made chicken enchiladas:

I had the cheese in the freezer already from a sale.
I had the chicken in the freezer from a B1G1 sale.
I had cream of mushroom soup... not sure when I bought it.
I bought green enchilada sauce for $1.
I bought sour cream for $2.
I bought tortillas for $1.

I also served black beans, brown rice, and avacado on the side which I spent $2.50 on this week.

We ate this meal 3 times and enjoyed it all 3 times and it cost less than $7 all together or around $2.30/night! Can't beat that going out to any mexican restaurant.

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