Friday, May 13, 2011

One Way to get Coupons

I have recently started writing companies to get coupons. I don't actually outright ask for them, but I try to either say something positive about a specific product or give a suggestion on what they could do better. I have received coupons from Plum Organics, a baby food company, which apparently is hard to find coupons for and today in the mail I received:

These awesome coupons from 7th Generation. I am trying to only write to company's that I will actually use their products and more specifically to organic or natural comapnies as these coupons are harder to come by and obviously organic and natural products tend to be pricier. 

Simply go to the company's web page that you want  coupons from and find their contact info. A lot of companies have a specific form to fill out that includes your address. If the form doesn't have a section for your address than make sure you include your address in your sign off as you want them to know where to send you anything if they do decide to send coupons or free stuff! 

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