Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Staples Savings...

There is an awesome deal going on at Staples right now! First print off your coupon found HERE to get 15% off your entire purchase PLUS a FREE reusable bag! The discount includes ink, which is awesome because finding discounts and coupons on ink isn't easy. 

Also, right now Staples is having an HP special on ink:

When you spend $50 on HP ink or two of the same HP toners you get DOUBLE Staples rewards and DOUBLE recycling rewards. They have included an example in the picture above on how you can capitalize on this promotion.

Once you have printed your coupon head to your local Staples to get your FREE bag and 15% off anything you can fit in the bag. See what I did today:

I bought:
1- HP 60 Black ink $14.99
      -$2.25 after 15% coupon
1- HP 60XL Color ink $40.99
      -$6.15 after 15% coupon
1- Eco Easy Bag $0.99
       FREE after coupon
1- Ink Recycling for returning an empty ink cartridge

OOP: $52.22
SAVED: $9.39

PLUS I will be getting back $4 recycling reward and $11.20 back in Staples Rewards! So it's like spending $37.02 on $61.61 worth of ink and a reusable bag!

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