Thursday, June 23, 2011

Awesome Deal with ShopAtHome!!

I know it's late, but if anyone is still on and looking for an amazing deal then check this out:

Sign up for ShopAtHome and then search for in the search bar. Go to through the link they show and then purchase your deal! The reason you should do this tonight is you will get back 50% Cash Back (was 24%) by using ShopAtHome AND once you get to the site you can use code SUMMER during checkout to save 80% making an amazing deal. has restaurants like: 
C & O Cucina in Marina Del Rey
Leaf Organics on Washington Blvd. 
Kanpai on Lincoln (our FAVORITE sushi place)
and hundreds more!

Here's what I did:

$25 Kanpai Certificate       
I paid $3.50 
Plus I will be getting $1.75 cash back through ShopAtHome

$100 Kanpai Certificate
I paid $9
Plus I will be getting $4.50 cash back 

It's like I am spending $6.25 to get $125 of food!! 

~ A disclaimer: read the fine print before buying any deal on I LOVE the site, but some deals can only be used Sunday-Thursday or you have to purchase a certain amount of food before getting the discount. With the $100 certificate I purchased I will have to order $200 worth of sushi/drinks/desserts before being eligable to get $100 off the bill.

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