Friday, November 19, 2010

Coupon Clipping Mom?

I didn't think I could call myself a true "money saving" momma unless I started using coupons(and it's a good way to save money). My biggest deterrent to using coupons was that I didn't get the Sunday paper that has the coupons.... no more excuses!   

I am officially signed up to get the Sunday Paper and all the coupony goodness that comes along with it. I am excited to start this Sunday saving money and then recycling the paper.

While signing up online at I noticed a spot for a coupon code. So I did a little searching and found an amazing code that I promptly attempted to use. Sometimes coupon codes that people post online no longer work or never worked, but I was happy to discover that this code did!

LATimes Sunday subscription for a year:
Discounted Price: $1/week (33% off the newsstand price)

I payed only $9.88 for a whole year! That's only 19cents/ week!



  1. dang girl! i wonder if we get the la times in tehachapi!