Sunday, September 4, 2011

"Daily Deal" Sites

Was one of my favorite sites, now it seems to be hit or miss. Recently I was able to get a year pass to the LA Zoo for only $75 (normally cost $150!).

This is a pretty decent site that has everything from housewares
to toys.  

Really cool site that has deals for outdoorsy stuff.

  You get $3 just for signing up to use on any deal you see on their site.
Has some awesome deals, have only purchased one thing, but really happy I did.  

This site has some cool features. I love that it has some sales that you can  "make an offer." I did this and saved an extra $5 on some shoes for my daughter. 

This site is similar to Groupon in that it has a lot of local restaurants. I have made some pretty nice purchases!

A newer site, but bought some pretty good deals including: Kevin Jewelers 1/2 off and Benny's Tacos. 

Another newer site, but has awesome deals on wine, which I don't drink but is nice to have on hand as a gift! (I have also seen things like popcorn and nuts on the site)

This site is unique from the others because it has events like Chromeo in concert! (looks like he is already sold out) 
Also, if you sign up through this link you will get 20% off your first purchase.

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